Current CGT project status

I spent the last two days fixing CGT so it compiles on Windows with VS 2010. I had troubles with the Q_DECL_EXPORT macros, lack of love between CMake and VS, and ultimately, finding the right directory to store data in. It builds succesfully now, so I can focus again on adding necessary gameplay features. Here’s what can now be done:

  • Moving cards from zone to zone, complete with restrictions about their visibility
  • Tapping and flipping cards in play
  • Shuffling
  • Attaching a card to another

These are basicly the requirements for a usual game. However, there are still some features that should be added to support more card effects:

  • Dice rolling and random selection, as simple as it is, is not yet implemented
  • Exchanging control of cards
  • Face-down moving of cards (for example: Morph)

The visual representation is also somewhat lacking, particularly I’m planning to use the Qt animation framework for zone reordering.

The default connection protocol has been changed to an XML based format which makes it easier to detect errors that the previous binary one. I’m also intrigued by the idea of a GGZ connection plugin. In theory, it might probably be possible to add a plugin to interface with GCCG, Apprentice or other similar platforms. Note that I did no research into this and I don’t know how similar their protocols are.


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