Introducing KChess

In KDE3, there was a great chess board program called Knights that could talk to Gnuchess, Crafty or almost any other chess engine with the XBoard protocol. Now, 2 years into KDE SC 4, there’s still no KDE4 eqiuvalent.

So I decided to write one. It’s qiute a simple task actually. A board, some pieces, moving them, and passing them to the engine to process is all there is to it. I made great progress in the last two month and the result is almost playable (castling and en passant still don’t work).

It is completely themable and supports the KDE Games standard .desktop and .svg files. However, the original artwork for Knights is in the raster png format which can’t be converted to vector graphics. Png files don’t scale as nicely, so I’m currently wondering whether to leave the theming to the artwork team or to include support for png files.


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