Two days ago I went to see the long-awaited movie Avatar. My expectations were high, and it even if it didn’t fufill them, I think it was a great film. Read more for a short, personal and probably completely unfair review (Warning: spoilers).

I read reviews that it is probably the best Sci Fi movie of the decade. The first surprise was that it isn’t actually Sci-Fi, more like a Fantasy genre. The whole movie seemed like elves from LOTR (called Na’vi in Avatar) fighting against the modern US Army. The mere fact that the Na’vi won tells a lot about the realism of the movie. See below for my list of the more obvious plot holes.

What is worth saying is this is the most beautiful movie I’ve seen. Maybe not the best, but certainly the most beautiful. Pandora, the moon where the story is set, is covered by a forest full of glowing plants, creatures connecting to eachother by special bonds, everything is shining and glowing. The visual effects are very well done.

The story, however, was made in hollywood and it shows. It goes like this: Humans want to mine unobtanium on Pandora, and that’s why they want to move the humanoid Na’vi away from the mine reserves. Scientists make Na’vi like bodies which they can control with their brains, but one of them dies and is replaced by his twin ex-marine brother. The ex.-marine quickly does what the scientists failed, as he joins the native tribe and marries the chief’s daughter. He tells them to move or they’ll die. The locals refuse, so he does what a marine would do and rides the biggest and most dangerous bird on Pandora, showing the Na’vi he’s the man. Then the humanoid Na’vi, the ex-marine and some big birds together defeat the human army of helicopters, one large bomber, and one even larger bomber-turned VentureStar. Then the humans go home.

All right, my favourite part, plot holes. This is no matrix, but it’s close.

  • The Na’vi, although in no relations to humans, and not that similar physically, behave exactly like humans.
  • The journey from Earth to Pandora takes 6 years. The events in the movie take 3 months. One would think that after waiting 6 years for some dude to arrive they could have waited one more instead of rushing things with the natives.
  • When the (quite small) human forces are defeated, they simply go home, instead of nuking the site from orbit. Or at least getting some backup.
  • There are large manned exosceletal military walkers. This is grossly inefficient compared to unmanned or remote-controlled wheeled vehicled, but looks badass in the movies. It also provides an opportunity for the main bad guy to be the last one alive and try to kill the main good guy.
  • In the final battle scene, the space shuttle flies slowly like a helicopter, giving the main character enough time to bring it down.

As I said, the review is unfair as I concentrated mostly on negative points. The movie is good and worth watching, just don’t think about it as much as I do.


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