More free strategy games – Globulation


Apart from its globby graphics, this game has one important aspect done differently. Real-time strategies tend to give more importance to tactics and so-called micromanagement. This can ruin the fun of the game, as a lot of time and attention to detail is needed in order to succede on higher difficulty levels or against human players. Globulation avoids it completely by simply not giving you the possibilty to control your units individually. You can tell how many workers you want at this building, or where should your warriors hold the line, and anything is then done automagically.

Although the no tedious work principle is good, I dislike the lack of diversity in this game. There are anly eight types of buildings and three types of units in the game. There is no possible research apart from building upgrades, which makes long games somewhat less exciting.

The game can be played online either on LAN or on a dedicated internet server. I’m not yet versed enough in it to try multiplayer, so I can’t judge the experience.

There is also a campaign mode, but currently the only available campaign is the (very good) tutorial. Maybe after the final version (it’s now in Beta 4) is released, there will be work on that. The game has a built-in scripting framework for scenarios and campaigns with a lot of customization possible, so I believe there could be some interesting campaigns designed.

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