Announcing Knights 2.0

Since the days of KDE 3, the software compilation has lacked a chess board. So I decided to have little learning experience and written a new one with the KDE 4 libraries. It was initially named KChess, but was renamed to Knights with permission from the original author. It also used the old theme.


Currently, there are quite few. The program supports a hotseat mode of two humans against each other, and playing against a XBoard-capable computer engine, such as GNUChess.

The board is nicely animated using the new Qt animation classes.

It supports changing themes, and the Tux theme is also included.



Plans for future

There are still important features missing. Internet play support comes to mind, as well as clocks. I do not plan to add any game analysis functionality into it, but anyone else is welcome to do it.

How to get it

It is available in a tarbal from, or the latest development version from them Git repository on Gitorious. Anyone interested in development, contact me either by mail on directly on Gitorious.

Share and enjoy!


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