Fixing my laptop

I have a cheap Lenovo laptop (n500), and it’s screen has been flickering for over half a year now. It started occasionally, only for a second while watching a movie, but as of late it was impossible to do anything without having the screen tilted all the way back.

Since the laptop is my primary place of work and, both KDE-related and unrelated, I put up with it but had ever increasing difficulties.

Today I finally gathered the courage to open it. After removing a bunch of screws, I finally got the the joint between the main part and the screen. So for a few minutes, I had a tablet:

It turns out that un-tightening some cables that run between the main part and the screen fixed the problem, as now it doesn’t flicker at all.  Now I can work (and watch movies) normally again 🙂

Also, I didn’t expect the benefit of clearing the dust. My laptop was never loud, but it got hot occasionally. Now it’s noticeably quieter, and it doesn’t heat that much.


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  1. It’s a good general advise to open and clean your laptop every once in a while, given that you know the general rules of electronics DIY, like how to avoid static charges. The notebook of my brother had issues some months ago (just as he was about to finish his thesis) because the graphics card fan broke down due to a giant chunk of dust.


    • Posted by noughmad on 21. September 2010 at 09:37

      I know, but I didn’t think the effect would be so noticeable. Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t have to learn it the hard way, like your brother.

      Edit: Stefan, sorry for the mess-up. WordPress has the feature of commenting by replying to mail, but it doesn’t seem to like replies from KMail. I hope you didn’t get too much spam :/


  2. Posted by madman on 20. November 2010 at 04:41

    Do you have the instructions on how you took your screen apart. I have the same problem, a loose cable. It only flickers sometimes.


    • Posted by noughmad on 20. November 2010 at 10:41

      Not really, I started by unscrewing out all the screws on the bottom side. Then it became possible to unattach the top side (the one with the keyboard), starting at the side facing you. The cables that connect the screen were under the part with all those extra buttons (power, service, sound and touchpad-lock).

      Note that Lenovo n500 is relatively easy to take apart, I tried to do the same with an old Toshiba (not because of the screen, but to stop overheating) and I couldn’t figure out how.


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