First week of DUNE

I’m not able to do much work while in Cambridge, but I do manage to blog about it. In the week before I came here, I started working on DUNE as part of this year’s Summer of Code. With my mentors, we decided it’s best to use Python for a utility that will measure and report the compilation and running time of DUNE programs. In the future, it will report more that just time, such as memory consumption and I/O, but I’m only starting now.

Basically, now I have a Python script that runs /usr/bin/time on a specified command and extracts the relevant information. The next step, which is only partially done, is to store this data in a log file. A separate script will then read the log files, store the data in a database and display it in a HTML file. However, this will have to wait for as long as I’m here in England.


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