Hello from Cambridge

This and next week I’m attending I-CAMP, an international summer school on liquid crystals. It’s taking place in Cambridge, UK. It has a focus on optics, which is very relevant to my current work for the master’s thesis. My thesis work is now mostly complete, I am presenting a poster on this topic at the summer school as well.

After only two days of lectures, I can already conclude that English food is bad. Breakfast is alright, but fried fish and sandwiches doesn’t cut it for a pasta-lover like me. Additionally, seats in the lecture hall we used today were very uncomfortable, and spending 8 hours in the made my back hurt. Apart from that, the city and its colleges are very nice, with all the grass and trees. I was surprised at first, but you are allowed to walk on most of the grass areas, which is great for any activity in sunny weather.

My poster is about numerical modeling of light propagation through a fibre filled with liquid crystals. The interesting part is that a single laser pulse splits into 8 regions. Most people won’t understand much, but the pictures are nice. You can take a look here.


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