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Finally, KDevelop file templates

The title of this post is slightly misleading, because you can’t use them in the stable version of KDevelop yet. However, after months of laziness schoolwork, I finally managed to upload some to This means that anyone running KDevelop master can now download some of the templates they need. So far, I only made templates for things I am using: QObject subclasses with bells and whistles (properties, signals, private pointers), QML items, and a differential equation solver. This covers all my current programming activities, although I do hope to write some code (and templates) in Java for Android and/or some web framework, preferably Meteor.


Example class made with a template, only by specifying its name and members. Note the proper insertion of const references for QString (which is known to KDevelop as a class), and lack thereof for QDateTime which has not been included and parsed yet.

Now, I am certain that at least some of you write code in different languages and framework. I would like to have some more templates ready for the 4.5 release, so people won’t go “oh, there’s only three” and never look at it again. I am having some trouble with non-C++ languages, because they all have simpler syntaxes with less boilerplate and fewer files. Java comes close, but I as far as I know most people use Eclipse with it. In C++, using Qt and all the best practices, you have to do the following for every class member:

  • Add a public member to the private class
  • Add a Q_PROPERTY() declaration to the main class
  • Declare a getter, and a setter if the property is not read-only
  • Declare a signal
  • Define the getter and the setter in the implementation file

In QML or ORM’s like Django, you only need a single-line property declaration, while in pure Python you don’t really have to do anything. Obviously templates, as pretty much all code generation, are much more useful in C++. I presume there are other examples of such complicated languages, or at least different uses of the same ones. So I ask you for ideas, what kind of template would help you write code quicker. They don’t really have to be classes, for example unit testing frameworks require quite a bit boilerplate code and could be sped up by using pre-made templates. What are the things you write again and again, but are different enough to not be able to simply copy?