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Release Party in Ljubljana, Slovenia

After a one-year break, the KDE release party tradition in Slovenia is back. As usual, it will take place in Kiberpipa on Tuesday, January 31. Apart from a display of KDE’s latest features, we will also discuss ways of contributing to KDE, especially by programming and translations.

There will be not one but three presentations:

  • Jure Repinc will show what’s new in the KDE Software Compilation, with a focus on Plasma and Plasma Active
  • Andrej Vernekar, the Slovenian translation coordinator and Linux user group president, will have a presentation about translating KDE.
  • Miha Čančula (myself) will talk about programming for KDE, my experience with the mentorship programs, and how KDE makes a programmer’s life easier.

More info is available on the community wiki or in the Slovene version.


New year’s eve in Ljubljana


The fog may be annoying, but the lights are shiny


Somethings for us science geeks as well


A small girl in front of a big tree