DropSplash is the first web application I wrote. It it based on Django, using some advanced web technologies such as RedactorJS for a visual editor, the Zemanta recommendation engine, and Mozilla BrowserID for handling user identities. It is hosted by Heroku.

The site’s premise is simple: Anyone can write anything, and reading always presents a random selection of posts (drops). Its key feature is the randomness, even if you are not celebrity, you have the same chance of your drops being read as anyone else. This makes it ideal for sharing random rants and opinions.

The randomness also means you get an unbiased picture when reading. Most sites try to show you ads or news that are similar to what you like, making it hard for you to keep an open mind for different opinions. DropSplash, on the other hand, shows you exactly what other people think.

Check it out!


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