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I’ve read about this amazing program in a blog somewhere, and tried it out, and was impressed. Synergy enables you to control many computers at a time from one mouse and one keyboard. Just make sure they’re on the same network, run the server one and the client on another machine, and you can either use your laptop from the desktop’s ergonomic keyboard or the large-screen desktop from your bed with the laptop on knees. Move your mouse to the left (or right, depends on how you cconfigure it) outside the screen, and it will appear an the other computer.

It works cross-platform, so you can use both the Linux box and the Windows one (Mac and BSD are also supported) from the same mouse and keyboard. It can also be used through SSH (like I’m doing now) if security is an issue.

I found Synergy useful many times since I got my laptop, and I suppose it’s only ever more useful with many people having (or sharing) more than one computer, with possibly different operating systems.

You too can check it out at their homepage:

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