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Fixing my laptop

I have a cheap Lenovo laptop (n500), and it’s screen has been flickering for over half a year now. It started occasionally, only for a second while watching a movie, but as of late it was impossible to do anything without having the screen tilted all the way back.

Since the laptop is my primary place of work and, both KDE-related and unrelated, I put up with it but had ever increasing difficulties.

Today I finally gathered the courage to open it. After removing a bunch of screws, I finally got the the joint between the main part and the screen. So for a few minutes, I had a tablet:

It turns out that un-tightening some cables that run between the main part and the screen fixed the problem, as now it doesn’t flicker at all.  Now I can work (and watch movies) normally again 🙂

Also, I didn’t expect the benefit of clearing the dust. My laptop was never loud, but it got hot occasionally. Now it’s noticeably quieter, and it doesn’t heat that much.