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Changes in my life

I didn’t do much for KDE this summer, even after GSoC was over, despite my best intentions. The time was instead spent for major changes I made. I hope they will all pay off in that I’ll be more productive on the future.

The real

Maja and I finally found a place to rent, so we’ll be living together now. The flat is rather small, only 30 square meters, but it’s nice and we managed to decorate it really well. We’ve been together for five years now, so out was about time, and we’re closer to our school this way. This is the first time I’m moving away from home, so it’s a big step for me.

The digital

I decided to take the opportunity of moving to also refresh my computers. I bought an Android phone, and I installed more appropriate distributions on the desktop and laptop. I’m still experimenting with the setup, but I think I’ll go with Arch on the desk and Ubuntu or Fedora on the lap.
I also renamed them all after fictional spacecraft, and added desktop backgrounds matching their names.

And the cloudy

I’m also finishing the experiment of running my blog with Drupal on the Amazon cloud. The free period is running out, and a fuzzy feeling is not worth the 15 bucks a month, so I’m moving back to WordPress. It was fun, but I figured I had better things to do than searching and configuring a plethora of modules to replicate the functionality WP has by default. I found that for me, writing code was much more interesting than administering a server, so I’ll focus on that instead.

Amazon’s free micro instances are also rather slow, and the load was showing whenever I posted an article to PlanetKDE. I tried aggressive caching, CloudFlare and FeedBurner, but the site still wasn’t performing as it should.