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Knights: git, borders and animations

As of recently, Knights has gone through Kdereview and is now hosted at as a part of Extragear/Games. I would like to thank Frederik Schwarzer for the conversion to a git repository and the Sysadmin team for the project page.

Since then, I’ve managed to add some more features. The most notable is the display of borders, known from the KDE3 times.

Of course the numbers and letters change orientation when the table is turned for the other player, as you can see the “Black” configuration on the screenshot. Much credit goes to Dave Kaye for putting the borders in the theme file, not only in this theme but in others as well.

Another one is not visible on the screenshot: When the app window is resized, the pieces have to be moved and scaled. Since yesterday, the scaling is also animated, and both moving and resizing animations have the same duration. That gives a more natural feeling.

There are only three themes shipping with Knights, but there are more available from They can be downloaded from the Theme selection dialog.

I’ve also fixed some regressions: The color selected from the dialog somehow got reset to a random one. I narrowed it down to the working of QVariant: Apparently, it makes a difference between enums and integers. Now the “Play against the computer” mode works correctly.

Still in kderewiev, the internet play mode also got some fixes, because it did not recognize castling, and reported piece capturing wrongly. Now most of the quirks are gone.

Knights now has all the features I initially intended, feel free to suggest now ones 🙂 As usually, and testing is welcome. You can get the latest source from

git clone

(for developers) or

git clone git://

for the common folk.