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Civilization 5

I just heard the news that the fifth game in the Sid Meier’s Civilization series has been announced and is going to be released this fall. I’ve been a fan for a long time, especially of Civ3, so I’m excited about the news.

The official page has some nice screenshots. The most visible significant change is the move from square tiles to hexagonal. While this brings it alongside games such as Panzer General and Settlers of Catan, I’m not completely in favor of this change. The main reason is that a square tile has eight neighbours (if you count ones that only share a point as neighbours, as Civilazation always has), whereas a hexagonal one has only six. This tips the scale of Strategy vs. Tactics more on the tactical side, so I hope there will be other combat changes to reverse the effect.

Another interesting, yet at least for me alarming information is that there will also be a (heavily modified) version for Facebook. I suppose they caught on FarmVille. I’m generally opposed to anything Facebook-related, so I won’t be playing that, and it also makes me kinda sad to ruin the name of my favourite game with Facebook.

Go look at the screenshots and follow the news at

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